Kia’s Crazy Life

Is an environment of peace, healing, self discovery, and self growth. It caters to busy mothers who are caught up in the rat race of life having to provide for their family and self. Here these women are nourished with inspirational readings and lifestyle tips that promote order, fun, and gives my sister her groove back!

I’m an avid learner! I love to read self help books to find ways on living a more fulfilled life. I’m inspired and learn from the top spiritual coaches of today.

I’m a firm believer that you can create the life you want. I study the law of attraction religiously and it shapes the way I view the world.

Here at Kia’s Crazy Life, topics are shared that I have experienced to be true. I also share topics that I am currently studying.


My name is Lakia. I am a 31 year old mother to two boys and one girl. I enjoy shopping, beauty, and cool cuisines.

While I am an introvert at heart, I have a true passion for helping others. I love to be a listening ear and give advice that helps others along in their journey. Although this is true, in no way shape or form will I impose my beliefs upon someone. We all have the equal right to believe whatever we know to be true and here it is respected!

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