Hello Friends! Happy New Year! I hope you are having a great start to 2018. With the new year comes new goals, new year’s resolutions and the list goes on, right? How does this resonate with you? Are you a firm believer in these practices, or do you think it’s a load of bs! Whichever one you believe, the fact remains that your life is a result of what you first believe. If you are like me and want to live the life of your dreams than you definitely need to create a vision for your life.

The birth of a vision

We all have aimlessly been roaming on earth at some point in time. That is until we had an ah-ha moment on what it is we really want out of life right? My son experienced this phenomenon recently. There was a period where he was getting horrible grades from not effectively applying himself and not taking school serious! So as a result of his actions he lost several privileges. He lost his cell phone, stop receiving money, and was required to do more chores around the house.

After a couple of weeks of adjusting to his “new” routines, I could tell that he wasn’t too pleased. One day while I was attending to my youngest child he came to me. He told me, in an eager manner, that for the next report card he was going to have all A’s and B’s! He didn’t like the consequences of his actions and wanted a change. You and I are like that. When our life results are less favorable, we change our course of action to obtain a different result.

Create a vision for your life. Without a vision, you are just living. Living with no passion, no substance, and possibly with a lot of agony. I could identify with those feelings all too well. Being in a career that gave me no passion. Constantly tired because I didn’t take care of myself as I should. Never taking time out for myself to do things that I like. I was just existing! That is until I just had had enough of living in that manner.

This is when my path of self-discovery began. I read a lot of books and blogs. I listened to different sermons and podcasts. As a result of that process, a new perspective was formed about myself, and it was quite refreshing. I was then able to build mental strength, self-love, and clarity on what I wanted for my future.

Create a vision for your life so that you can have clarity on where you are going in life. How will you ever achieve what it is your heart desire if you don’t have a path to achieve it? It may not be always easy, but which would you prefer, a challenging path to a full filling life or an easy path to an agonizing life? Shift your perspective. Align yourself with your authentic truth and begin your journey.

People just like you and I are living it up! Do you ever wonder how celebrities are able to live such a passion-filled life? What are they doing that we are not? What were the things that they did to achieve so much success? If you are like me, I think of this all the time! Like its nonstop in my head. My ambition is through the roof!

Ambition is good, but it will not get you the desires of your heart tho! All hope shouldn’t be a loss at the mentioning of this. There is this one thing that will get you your results….. THAT’S ACTION!

In order to be like the people I admire, I had to change myself, Lakia. This process was overwhelming initially. To be honest, change can be very hard! I don’t care how ambitious you are it can be a very intimidating task to change your habits. But in order to conquer that goal, you have to first conquer self. I came to the enlightening discovery that in the previous years of my life, I knew what it was that I didn’t want to do. On the flip side of that, I had no vision of what it was that I did want to do! So with this being the case, my life looked the same year after year after year. I was living in agony year after year after year.

create a vision

Creation process

So enough of the rambling right, you want to know how to create that vision right? Well, of course, I came to deliver! To answer this question, what is it that you want to accomplish? I would say focus on the three most important things to you. Then list these as your GOALS. Next, you will want to break these goals down into actionable steps with a time frame. It’s that simple!

You can also craft a vision board to be a source of inspiration. To do this get a poster, a couple of magazines, scissors, and glue. To construct your vision board, flip through the magazines and cut out any word, phrase, or picture that resonates with your goals. An example would be cutting out a picture of an I-phone if your goal is to get an I-phone this year. Once you are satisfied with the content you have chosen, began to paste all the pieces on your board. I don’t use any type of special format to paste the clippings to the poster. Once this is completed, find a special place in your house to place it. It would be best to place it in an area where you will see it often, such as your bedroom or home office.

We all deserve a meaningful life friend! Wanna you know a secret? It’s our birthright! It might sound corny or outlandish at first, but once you truly open our mind up to life’s possibilities and see how others have tapped into their wealth, you can gain a new outlook on life. I want the best for you. I want to continuously share positive aspects of life so that you too can live happily! Are you amped up yet? Are ready to work on creating 2018 to be your best year yet? Let me know in the comment section what your goals are for this year!

Until next time friend,

Xoxo, Lakia


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10 comments on “The Proven Way I Succeed in 2018! Create A Vision For Your Life!”

  1. I have never created a vision board before this year, but I did just before the end of the year and I am amazed at how focused I am on those things. I think the next step for me is to outline the things to do to achieve those things.

  2. Lots of good points! Having a vision and goals really helps us make our dreams a reality. I’m a big fan of vision boards. I just made a new, extra-large board for 2018. Good luck to your son, I bet he will bring home an awesome report card!

  3. I love the idea of a goals board! Sometimes I have to adjust my goals throughout the year, sometimes God has different goals in mind for me. Here’s to a wonderful 2018!

  4. I got goals this year, to focus on my goals. Such a hard task but once you get organized in the way you think and approach, you are bound to succeed. Thanks for sharing!

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